Welcome To Virginia-Timeshare, this was set up for people who have read my site to leave information how they are treated at their resorts. Feel free to leave me any comments, make sure there is no foul language, due to children and others reading these pages.

The Inside View!

It’s 4:30 am and you rolled out of that nice warm bed, feet on the floor your rubbing your eyes just trying to find your way to the bathroom. Groggy you reach for the knobs and hit the cold and your showered in freezing water. Knowing your day will be different then most, you shake off the soap and dry your hair, look in the mirror and say, IT’S SHOW TIME! In timeshare you life is a show and your the star actor. Your job is to fool people into buying time.

I thank all who post here if your mistreated at your employment, If you like you can post the name only of the place you worked if you choose and tell me how you have been treated. Your name and email will not be posted. You can also visit my main web site at  If you would like just click below on the comments and leave me your reply.

Got any complaints? contact me . I would be glad to post them on this site. All information will remain private and you can post as Anonymous to protect people from retaliation from their employers. These post are to show what employer’s don’t want others to know.