Welcome To Virginia-Timeshare, this was set up for people who have read my site to leave information how they are treated at their resorts. Feel free to leave me any comments, make sure there is no foul language, due to children and others reading these pages.

The Inside View!

It’s 4:30 am and you rolled out of that nice warm bed, feet on the floor your rubbing your eyes just trying to find your way to the bathroom. Groggy you reach for the knobs and hit the cold and your showered in freezing water. Knowing your day will be different then most, you shake off the soap and dry your hair, look in the mirror and say, IT’S SHOW TIME! In timeshare you life is a show and your the star actor. Your job is to fool people into buying time.

I thank all who post here if your mistreated at your employment, If you like you can post the name only of the place you worked if you choose and tell me how you have been treated. Your name and email will not be posted. You can also visit my main web site at  If you would like just click below on the comments and leave me your reply.

Got any complaints? contact me . I would be glad to post them on this site. All information will remain private and you can post as Anonymous to protect people from retaliation from their employers. These post are to show what employer’s don’t want others to know.




13 thoughts on “Virginia-Timeshare”

  1. I just want to say, that I am ashamed to say where I work in the timeshare industry. I hope and pray that other resorts treat their clients and owners better than at my resort. It’s ashame that is see mangers, directors treat owners withe such disrespect. I watched as an elderly couple were in our office for a tour and owners updates. This couple had owned at our resort for many years and had upgrade several times. I watched as the resort director insulted and told this couple that their unit was crap and ripped their equity sheet in half in front of a loyal customer. This couple didn’t have the money to purchase again and were content coming to what they thought of as their home away from home. The lady was almost in tears.


  2. Has everyone seen the commercial where the banks is being robbed, and the guard just stands there and says I am not a security guard, i am a security monitor. Then this man in uniform looks at the bank customers and employees and says you are being robbed. This is what it feels like to walk into our human resource office and report an issues. Our resource manger looks at us and says I have to contact corporate. I want to say to this person you are not a human resource manager, but a human resource monitor. Because I was under the impression that you need to know company procedures and have an education to hold this position. But I guess that is not the case at our resort.

    Please post when ever


  3. Is your resort the Harper Valley Resort like mine. Sales reps wearing dresses too tight and too high. You are not sure who is sleeping with whom. But you go to work everyday noting knowing what drama you might see. An argument between the dating couple infront of customers, and the consoling co- working hoping to get a date. If so just post it here!


  4. Just what you don’t want to see at your office is the police. You are standing in the lobby waiting and a police officer walks in. They are looking for a fellow employee. You explain that the sales rep in on the sales floor with a tour. The officer ask you to get the sales rep for him. You go tell the sales rep that there is a police officer in the lobby wanting to speak to him. The sales rep refuses to come to the lobby. You go back and inform the police officer that the sales rep is busy but should be out in a few minutes. Never mind that the officer just saw the sales rep shaking his head no when you ask him to come to the lobby. Now the officer is calling for back up because he knows that the sales rep is not going to come peaceful. Within a few minutes there are several officer’s in the lobby, they proceed to enter the sales floor, that is full of customers, managers and directors, to apprehend the sales rep in question. This is the kind of stuff you see on the tv and the cop shows. Before it is over there are tables broken customers running. The director of the floor is trying to explain to the police that this is uncalled for and be threaten with arrest for interference. Would you like to work here? If so just reply!


  5. I have just one question for anyone in the time share industry. No one can explain to me, how as an owner at my resort for more than 15 years, they can treat one of my family members so wrong. I have owned a week’s program with this RCI resort for 15 years, and have referred many friends and family members to this resort, after coming on visit with myself and my wife. Three years ago we came on a tour for owners and were updated on the changes our resort was going through. On this tour a family member came with us, we were introduced to the points systems. This was not new to us, because in our exchanges we had taken tours and new there where points systems and that RCI had offered points, but we trusted our resort and new that when they changed we would consider the change. Well our family member was with us and heard all about the points and how this could give our family more vacations, and more stays on the resort we loved. So the family member chose to purchase a unit that had points attached. We all heard the promise of getting back into our resort on short notice and getting multiple weeks and weekend stays. This was all lies. This family member bought and paid faithfully for 3 years, both the monthly payment and maintenance fees. But when it came time to use this point system it never worked, for 3 years this product never worked as we were promised. We have talked to RCI, managers and directors at our resort and we were told we didn’t have enough points to get back into our own resort. The end product is that we did not have enough points to come back booking a year out or 30 days out. We could come in non-prime time which meant no holidays, or any season that we wanted. Yet we were told points can get us anything you want. This family member still loves the resort and comes with us on our week of vacation. But the unit the family member bought does not work as promised, and they only offer to sell them more not fix the lies. Upgrade so you can do what you were already promised with the first purchase. My Family member stopped making payments and has lost all the money vested into this property, from the initial deposit and 3 years of payments and maintenance fees. The resort has offered no help no solution except to ask for thousands of dollars more. The resort will not fix the lies we were told in the first place, nor have the offered any form of compensation. I am upset, angry, and disappointed in the resort that I have called home for one week a year. I will not refer another person to this resort. There should be laws against a resort telling out and out lies. When will these people be held accountable for the out and out lies they tell.


  6. Another time share web site on Virginia Resorts thought I might say something for all to see. My wife and I have owned a resort for about 30 years, a very beautiful place to visit in Virginia. I enjoy going for my week ever year or banking my week and to trading to other places. I also enjoy going on the tours and seeing what is new and what other options I have for enhancing my vacations. I have upgraded several times over the course of my 30 year ownership. I decided this last visit that my wife and I would go on the owner’s tour to see what was new again. This was the worst tour in my 30 years of my resort and any other resort I have been on. I have to wonder how this resort can let this sale representative transport customers. Since we have done the tours in the past we knew first of all that it would be longer than we were told, but we didn’t know that we would be putting our lives in danger as well as others on the resort and roads. The gentleman that was our sales representative should have his license revoke. As we are driving around the resort, our salesman is crossing the lines and almost hitting oncoming traffic, it is a good thing that the speed limits are very slow and that the other drivers where paying attention. At one point we were off the shoulder of the road and we were not sure he was going to regain control of the car. I did not say anything for fear that his driving would get worse. By the time we returned to the office we did not care what offer was presented to us we just wanted to leave. I have always told our friends to check out our resort because of its orientation toward families. There is so much for all age groups in the line of actives. We also had friends on the resort that were a tour and we had recommended that they take the tour. Our friends were told they could follow their sales representative around the resort. In all my years as a time share owner and all the tours I have ever been on, I have never followed a sale presentative around. I think this resort is changing and not for the good of all. First, they need to train their sales representative in how to tour a possible customer, and give driving test to the ones that are driving for the safety of all. It is sad and I know that I will not recommend any of my friends take tours till something is changed. This is sad since it is such a great resort.


    1. If you would like please tell us what resort, I know of one major resort who really needs to be brought into the open. and it is located in Magahesville, Va.

      Thank You!


  7. Ms.G
    If I had know what kind of industry I was walking into, no matter how good the money or how bad I needed a job , I would have ran. I have worked for over 5 years for a resort that I would not recommend my worst enemy work for or a dog. If you want to work for a resort that is run by male chauvinist pigs then come to my resort. The males in charge act like woman are their door mats. They put the male sale reps up on pedestal. You want to see favoritism come to this report especially if your are a man. Woman are not promoted for their hard work, or their ability to perform their job duties, but many do get promoted hint hint. I feel like I am back in the 50’s or 60’s. If all the woman were smart they would walk out. But if you ask them they would say it is th best paying job they have every had. Well I hope your respect and integrity are worth the dollars you are going to receive.


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