The Treatment in the Timeshare Industry

The Treatment!

Again speaking in general. The treatment at the resort I was employed was ok a first but as time went on the treatment of myself and other employees became worse. Managers looking for sexual favors from the younger woman, name calling and threats are among the treatment.

Example: 1

Managers promising the women will keep their job’s if they did them sexual gratitude’s.

Example: 2

If a sales person went on tour and did not get a deal, the manager or director would tell them here is a F**ken rope go hang themselves and they weren’t worth S**T.

Example: 3

A director telling a woman, Hey come sit on my lap and lets talk about the first thing that pops up.

Example :4

You come in and there is a woman lap dancing, grinding her butt in a guys face yelling slap it, slap it.

Example: 5

People going around saying eat me or take me in your throat.

Example: 6

Ethnic discrimination was bad, if you were from a country like Pakistan, India, or the Middle Eastern Region our resort classified them as DOTS, manager’s would say their dots, they don’t buy shit, get them the hell out of here. Disrespect their culture and treat them less than human even though they were American citizens as well. (This became common practice).

Example: 7

Directors talking down to employees, telling them to go F**K themselves, go hang them selves, sell or go find another F***ken job, Even things like (want to know why Jesus wasn’t born in your town? The punch line was (Because he couldn’t find a wise man or a virgin), Also the same director would say Jesus Christ died on a cross so you could have a F***ken Job. Now would you believe this director still hold his position.

In my working at this resort I have seen men have heart attacks and die, Have strokes, anxiety attacks, break down in tears, have to be placed on med’s for depression, and it continues to this day. This is due to the great stress that they are put under to sell so the higher placed people can afford $400,000 cars for their wife’s, drug parties, and private jets. 100% employee owned they say, well i never got to fly in that jet.

How about this one: The Marketing director who fires you comes up to a woman and tell’s her, we are trimming the fat so we are letting you go. Now tell me this is professional. Or he goes up to another woman and tells her, we no longer need your services right in front of her tour, making her embarrassed and feeling like a bus just ran her over.

Would you believe the EEOC has been told but the resort continues to refuse to change their hateful and un-professional ways. In reality this resort tries to rob you of all your civil liberties and freedoms. They try to make you their property.