No Real Employee Safety

Let’s talk a little about the safety and security of the employee working at the resort where I was employed at. Every morning the un-suspecting salesman or saleswoman would arrive and go through their morning beat down meeting and now they are waiting to pick up a tour whom they know nothing about and begin their day never knowing what is in store for them or even who they may be placing in their vehicle.

The resort has no screening program to filter out those who would be dangerous or who may have drugs on them. There have been numerous times where a tour was picked up and during the tour the guest would drop a pill or pull out a crack pipe. There have been times where the female tour guide has been hit up on and advances made towards them.

I myself have had to tell people to get out of my vehicle due to rudeness and being high either by pill or some other drug. This behavior is allowed everyday and continues to put all sales people at risk and the resort allows it to happen.

If a employee refuses to pick up their appointed tour they can be fired and even though the resort states that you can refuse you are still looked down on and retaliated on for doing so. Remember it is not about the safety of the worker it is always about the resort making money no matter who may be harmed or assaulted. IT IS ABOUT THE SALE FOR THE RESORT!

In the years I was employed at this specific resort I have never seen a qualified tour or one who was screened, you don’t know what they are carrying or even if they have a weapon on their person. The sales people are forced to put these tours in their own private vehicle and drive them around a very large resort sometimes in places away from the public eye. They are forced to even ride in the cars of the people on tour thus removing all safety and control from the sales person.

We are all taught as children to never get into a car with strangers, even as adults we should follow the same rules. This resort breaks all these guidelines and as the resort continues to dangle the carrot in front of their own employees eyes with the promise of fortune and glory. This is the true under belly of the resort, money first, safety last. JUST MAKE THAT SALE!

Sometimes I would sit and wonder who was worse, the customer or the employee I was working beside. In the company handbook it states no fire arms are allowed to be on your person while working, But; the in-house sales director can carry his side arm in his belt or pocket and he never takes customers on tours, why is it the company exec’s can protect themselves but the employee can not? Double standards. What are they afraid of, or what do they really know. Surprising is it not.

In my time working at this specific resort I have seen first hand the corruption and the pay for play attitudes, I have seen the drugs and the transactions, the sexual advances towards the younger women from the predatory male managers, the using of videos to in slave one into following the demands of certain managers who like to invite un-suspecting younger and new employees BOTH MALE AND FEMALE to their home’s for private parties. Will I name names? No. Can I name names? Yes. I will leave it to those who know who they are to figure it out for themselves.