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Virginia-Timeshare was founded to educate those who may enter the world of timeshare. The information is for educational use only.

So your Virginia Timeshare Tour Begins!

Are you ready for your Timeshare Adventure!

Wanting to buy a Virginia Timeshare or are you just there for the tour and the free-bees. Buyer be warned, that free 3 day 2 night stay could cost you thousands and for what? Freebies that could set you back ten years financing at over 17% interest. On this site I will show you how timeshare works. From being herded into signing up to the end of your tour. There are many great resorts in Virginia. What makes a good resort bad is bad upper management and poor treatment of employees. A bad manager or director can make a good employee leave and all those who stay miserable. Each timeshare salesman is pressured into selling you more than what you actually need. Most prices are high, but if you budget your money, you will never need timeshare. After being in the timeshare industry and seeing firsthand the tricks and traps from the morning meetings to the slaps on the back for overcharging to get the bigger deals to how people are called names when they don’t purchase.

Virginia Timeshare are you ready!

Every morning teams of salesmen are whisked away to separate parts of the building to plan their strategic plots. Those who wrote deals the day before are announced and a pat on the back is given to a few favorites, while others are just ignored. This is due to the favoritism the managers and directors have towards some. Many people who sell timeshare are actually good people just trying to feed their families. Then there are those in it for the glory of the deal and how much over the actual cost they can get a victim to sign for.

For Example:

Two elderly women come in, they already own a nice unit. Over the years, they probably traded their old unit in to upgrade to a new one. In watching a sales director sit there and bash these two elderly women into signing for a second unit (these ladies were in their late 70’s). Overcharging them thousands and thousands of dollars made me sick. I knew these ladies were on fixed incomes and should have been charged fairly.

Why Am I Blowing The Whistle on Virginia Timeshare.

Some people may ask why I am blowing the whistle on timeshare. Good question! After working in the business and trying to do it right by being fair and honest, I was treated less than human. My first year I won rookie of the year, earned my resorts million dollar club award. I was also awarded The Top Gun Award, Top Closing Award, Top efficiency awards, but even though you do well and give your best, the resort I worked for had to resort to the lowest form of management. Name bashing, showing favoritism towards others, foul language, and even saying things like Jesus Christ died on a cross so I could have a F****en Job, also saying things like (See if I do anything to F***en help you). This kind of treatment is over the top and they should have fired that director. In timeshare there are private circles. When the head of human resources is related to said director… well you see where i’m going right? (Conflict of interest…)

In Summery:

When I started under my first director it was an adventure. This director was actually a good guy. So were the managers under him. As time went by I was whisked away to the owners department and made manager after a year there working with my director who was actually a great person. I was able to conduct business fairly until he retired. This is where things turned sour. Since I was a top writer, I was swooped up by a director who thought only of himself, knowing the more i wrote the more money he made. Greed is the basis of timeshare and this man was pure greed. If I had to compare his facial expressions, I guess it would be the face of a pissed off chimp who had his banana stolen from him. So you see, I have good reasons to blow the whistle.