My Story & Reason!

After so many years of working for myself and running my own business, I figured it was time to try a different line of work as I was hoping to help others and take my business knowledge to another level. As I ventured into the world of timeshare I decided to treat people fairly and do the right thing . In doing so I did well until the environment became a toxic cesspool of lies and greed. This is my story! and what happened.

In arriving in the morning and having to be cornered in the manager’s meetings that were just sessions to beat you down, surviving the insults and having to shake the meeting off. I went and picked up my tour promptly at 8am. On completion of the tour I entered the Human Resources Office and tried to explain what was going on. I told the director I was leaving due to the toxic atmosphere and foul language that was flying around the department, since I had fifteen days, I decided to take them. This was April 4th of 2016. Being gone from the resort I noticed my health was improving and adjusting just from being away from the poison atmosphere. I was planning to not even return to the company after the fifteen days was up. After the fifteen days I spoke with the Human Resources Director again. I had decided to extend my time off another two weeks to make a decision if I was staying with the company or not. When I originally spoke with the human resources director I told him I wanted to file a complaint, but since it was against his brother-in law I was told to file it with the corporate office, so I did. since there was a conflict of interest I had no other choice.

Shortly after calling the corporate office I received a phone call back from a third party paid company attorney. I was asked to come in and talk to them. Knowing this attorney was paid for by the company. “I knew I never had a chance”.

On the 27th of April I noticed someone was trying to raffle a ticket off that was supposed to be from the resort I was employed, since the resort I was employed at like to keep everything secret, never telling the employees anything, so of course I took this face-book post to be a possible scam, so I interjected to at least try to save the resort from someone trying to scam them. In telling anyone who purchased that ticket to check with the company office to verify if it was a real raffle or if the whole thing was just a scam.

At this time I was already separated from the resort for twenty three days , I was off the clock. It is now April 29th 2016 and I have been away from the resort for 25 days, I now receive a phone call from the resorts human resources director, he is offering me any position I would like except the VP position if I would come back, of course I joked and told them I never wanted the V.P. position.

April 30th I showed up promptly and started my day in a different department. I finished my tour and actually got the sale. I was told to recruit new employees for my teem so on May 1st I set up interviews for the next day.

May 2nd after doing two interviews and working the floor in that department. I was instructed to sign a new company hand book. If any employee refused to sign they would be terminated. This handbook was just printed up the month I was gone, April.

May 3rd I arrived and picked up my customers and completed my tour, while speaking with my customers I was approached by the marketing director. I was told to report to the human resource director, here i was discharged from my position.

In asking why I was being let go, they actually didn’t want to tell me, it took a little to actually get any reason out of them, all he could say was you said the company was scamming people. Which in turn was a lie, the actual reason was due to filing a complaint on April 4th against my director who’s brother-in law was the head of human resources.

In reality I was retaliated against for standing up against one of the line directors in the corrupt circle. This is un-lawful.

In being a faithful employee and making this company well over four million dollars in my time there, I was treated like trash, and not even given a chance to explain anything about the said post. So by trying to protect the resort I was rewarded by termination. This is how grateful they are towards the employees that work for them, and I am not the only one that they treat in this fashion, there are many, many more.

If you think this treatment is and was unfair, contact me . Also if you work for any corporation and feel you have been mistreated or harassed you can contact the EEOC.

U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

434 Fayetteville Street Suite 700

Raleigh NC, 27690-4308