The Florida Connection

The Florida Connection!


The company I worked for had its main office in Fort Lauderdale, Florida but in working here in their Virginia resort I found out more than I was supposed to.  Many rumors flew around our resort about the drug trafficking coming out of Florida.

Most of the head elites always seemed to be stoned when they came up for their visits from the corporate office. In watching certain people at the resort you could figure out easily who was involved in the cocaine, meth and many other drugs that floated around the resort.

Since the resort I was employed at seem to be a convent place to traffic due to being located quietly on a mountain with their own police force and gated entrances made it a safe place for them to conduct their behind the scene business.

The location seems to be perfect. between two major interstates running north and south and in between another two running east and west and a major state route running right beside the resort allowing access to all four interstates.

Everyday it was like the directors were either drunk or coked up making it almost impossible for anyone to be able to work in even a half normal atmosphere. Every morning a certain director would name bash you or yell and scram obscenities like F**k You, you aren’t worth Sh*t, and if your and older employee then the age discrimination runs wild.

Also I would like to get this out there as well, many employees on the sales floor don’t understand how the resort worked. As this was an Esop company many employees will never become vested due to the scam the management works. Here is an example, ( You need six years to be vested, you now have worked there three years, your employment depends on what is called a vpg this is in all fact a numbers game. if you take  two tours and you sell  one of the two, you now one out of two but if you get only one out of like ten you may lose your job, so what the resort does is ad someone elses tour numbers to your numbers and now you end up being like one out of twenty so they can fire you and those three years you have in the ESOP plan now goes back to the resort to be disturbed to the head management in Florida and the others with vested interest.) What the resort does is start your ESOP the first hour you start employment and just when you get a partial vestment or are close to total vestment they try to find a way to fire you so they can in fact keep your ESOP.

Between the drugs, theft of employee pay, money laundering, human trafficking, aiding and abiding, having full knowledge of illegal activities should and does fall under the RICO ACT, but guess what? The resort holds many local attorneys on retainer and possibly even a local DA on payroll, there is a mole in the local PD and a mole on the resort PD.

Stay Tuned! More to follow.