Sex Slaves and After Hour Parties

In the three years of working in the industry I have heard many stories, some true and some not. Understanding the timeshare industry helps make a determination of the facts verse fiction. In seeing things first hand you start to wonder how some hold control over others you work with, some may think it is just loyalty and some may say it is because a certain manager is better then another.

What I have come to learn really hits the point of disgusting and despicable. To do another person harm and with the intent to enslave them, trap them or black mail them into compliance is as low as you can go. Let me explain.

I have a friend who I will not mention due to his health troubles who’s wife just recently left him and is probably impregnated with the child of the same director who’s wife was stealing the deals from other employees. Now you ask how did this happen? Well it is safe to say party nights are just more then parties.

These parties are not just drinking but here is where they drop their drugs into the drinks of the unsuspecting young girls and then have them engage into their sexual parties. It don’t matter their age or material status, for these two sexually perverted individuals age has no barriers, and family means nothing when it comes to their sexual fantasy.

I also have been told that the woman who was stealing from other employees has also engaged in sexual affairs with her own step daughter and has allowed her husband to participate in what some call threesomes while the wife video taped these young unsuspecting girls.

After they drop ecstasy or something equal in their drinks or just get them drunk enough to submit to their ways they begin to draw then into their world of sickness. Usually these young girls are new hired employees and unsuspecting and since these two people who are inviting them to the parties are either a manager or director the new hired girl trust them due to their position and in hopes of fast advancement within the company, but little do the unsuspecting girls know they are just being used for their fruits.

Now while these new young girls are in the act of having sex with other employees or themselves they are being videoed and now these managers and director are holding these videos over the heads of these young girls as evidence and controlling power over that specific young girl.

I have actually watched employees arrive to work in the morning either drunk, hung over, on drugs, smoked up and smelling as weed, dressed as street walkers or what ever you want to call them. They entice sexual advances in the workplace and the language is as foul as one could imagine.

I personally have watched the main in-house director make advances towards specific woman and if they weren’t pretty enough for him he would do everything in his power to make them fail in order to get rid of them. I have heard the comments made like (Take me in your throat), (Eat Me), (Spank Me), things like this goes on about everyday all the while customers are in the room.

Now what gets me the resort does nothing to help these young woman. The company’s attorney comes in and holds a meeting talking about sexual harassment and she states, (When most people are sexually harassed they just quit), what in the hell is this woman trying to tell these woman, If you are sexually harassed to just give up and quit?

It has been a long standing rumor that there are even women being brought in for private entertainment for the higher business executives when they are on resort, reminds me of the Bill Clinton Lolita Express and Orgy Island thing. Many unsuspecting customers don’t even realize they are bringing their families into this environment.

Many do not even know how the corporate exec’s got to where they are. Well here goes.

The President of the company had a child buy the actual man who owned the resort in the beginning.

The Exec vice president supposedly did five years in prison for the son of the original owner in turn for doing the time for the owners son, so the person who did the time was given the Exec VP’s position

The marketing director who runs the resort is married the niece of the President of the company

The head of the Human Resources Dept on resort is the brother-in-law to the director of in-house sales

The head of the phone room is the wife of the Human Resources director.

The wife of the in-house-director is the sister to the wife of the Human Resources Director

Do you see where I am going? ALL IN THE FAMILY.

Filing a complaint don’t work because you are just filing against the family.

How deep does this rabbit hole go? I don’t really know, but I will find out.

Please don’t get me wrong there are many great resorts in Virginia who run a decent and reputable business and if this was to happen at one of these I am sure they would not tolerate it.